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Contact Center CCaaS, formerly known as Call Center, can seem complex at first. Have you ever wondered how a contact center works? GenXtra Communications has been involved in modern business communications since 1998. Let us explain contact centers.

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It’s a fascinating, intricate dance of technology and human interaction, all designed to create a seamless customer experience.

Let’s delve into the world of contact centers, shall we?

Picture a hub where all customer communications are managed.

That’s the essence of a contact center. You may have heard of its predecessor “call center”, the difference is that call centers were limited to only being able to handle inbound phone calls.

Today, it’s not just about answering phone calls; it’s about managing customer inquiries across multiple channels, from emails, SMS, web site chat bots, to social media and more.

How a Contact Center Operates

So, how does a contact center operate? It all starts with a customer reaching out.

This could be through a phone call, an email, SMS, a web site chat bot or a social media message.

The moment customer communication is initiated with your company, the contact center’s technology springs into action.

For phone calls, it’s often the job of a complex automated system, called Interactive Voice Response or “IVR”. This has been the most common method to manage initial contact regarding phone calls. Modern businesses have far more capabilities than simply being able to process phone calls.

The IVR system sorts and directs the call based on the customer’s preferences. However, forcing customers to use outdated systems that only support inbound calls is not very modern, and is quite limited.

For instance, if a customer is calling about a technical issue, the system will direct the call to a technician.

Once this initial sorting has been done, the communication is then passed on to a contact center “agent”.

These are the people who handle the interactions with customers.

Contact center agents are logged into their computer and equipped with the information and tools necessary to resolve customer queries, from basic FAQ’s to complex issues.

Quality Assurance in Contact Centers

But it doesn’t stop there. The contact center also needs to maintain the quality of these interactions.

That’s where Quality Assurance and real time reporting comes into play.

This involves contact center supervisors to monitor interactions to ensure that they meet the company’s standards, and providing feedback to agents to help them improve. You can incorporate artificial intelligence to assist or even reduce supervisor staff.

Workforce Management in Contact Centers

Now, let’s imagine a sudden spike in customer communications. To handle this, contact centers use Workforce Management. This involves forecasting the volume of communications and scheduling agents and supervisors accordingly, to ensure that every customer query is addressed in a timely manner.

Summary of Contact Centers

So, to sum it up, contact centers are more than just call centers. They’re omni channel hubs that use sophisticated technology and teams of dedicated agents and supervisors to ensure that every customer interaction is handled effectively.

They manage customer communications across multiple platforms, use automated systems to sort and direct these communications, and ensure quality and efficiency through Quality Assurance and Workforce Management.

Running a contact center might seem like a complex task, but with the right technology and dedicated team, it can be a powerful tool for enhancing the customer experience and driving business success.

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Contact Center as a Service CCaaS

Now, let’s delve into Contact Center as a Service, or CCaaS. A term you may have heard before, but what does it truly entail? In essence, CCaaS is an advanced cloud-based contact center solution.

CCaaS permits businesses to utilize a system supplied by the cloud service provider for their contact center management.

This eliminates the need to grapple with the intricacies of setting up and maintaining the technology on your own. This significantly slashes costs and eradicates issues prevalent in premise-based solutions.

What Sets CCaaS Apart?

Its most distinctive features include flexibility, scalability, easy integration, access to the latest technology, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a major corporation, you can swiftly scale your operations up or down depending on your requirements.

Its flexibility allows for quick adjustments to changes in business needs. Also, the system can easily be integrated with other systems improving efficiency and streamlining processes.

Moreover, with CCaaS you get access to the latest technology without the hassle of maintenance or the need for upgrades.

The service provider manages all that for you. And since it operates on a cloud-based platform, through GenXtra, you only incur costs for agents actively logged into the system. We, at GenXtra Communications, can deploy a CCaaS system with as few as ten agents for a nominal fee of $59 dollars per agent license.

In essence, CCaaS enables businesses to concentrate on providing excellent customer service, while the CCaaS provider takes care of the technological aspects.

It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement that’s highly cost-effective. Not long ago, a complex contact center was exclusively accessible to larger Fortune 500 companies. Today, CCaaS is available for all, outfitted with with the prominent features needed to amplify the customer experience.

Contact Center CCaaS and GenXtra Communications

GenXtra communications understands the importance of your business communications needs. We recommend CCaaS, a comprehensive cloud based solution that revolutionizes customer service with omni channel capabilities, advanced analytics, business continuity, artificial intelligence, integration with your CRM, video conferencing and more.

Learn more about Contact Center CCaaS, or contact us with questions.

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