GenXtra Communications Consultants Provided Essential Guidance.

There is a dizzying array of offerings and choosing the right technology can be challenging. We are so grateful for the trusted, third party, advice we received from the GenXtra group.

Karin E. / CEO Wellness Brand

Our Startup Venture Needed Everything.

All the critical infrastructure from secure internet access to AI enabled customer service systems. GenXtra was an essential partner in the process.

We now have a centralized hub call center, with fiber internet access and wireless failover. Our field agents also have powerful mobile phone solutions.

Greg E. / Real Estate VC

Behind The Scenes of Our Customer Success

If you’re wondering what it is like to be a GenXtra customer, here is a behind the scenes look at some of the strategies that we have implemented:

Understand Our Customers: We begin by gaining a deep understanding of who you are, what they need, and what success looks like for you business. This will allow our team to create personalized experiences. We don’t operate with a “one size fits all” mentality. Every business is unique, is in different stages, and has different needs.

Onboarding and Education: We have a comprehensive on-boarding process to make sure you (our customer) understand our products and services. This helps to set the right expectations and leads to better customer experience.

Customer Success Management: The majority of customers are automatically assigned a dedicated member of our customer success team with the goal to provide personalized attention. We proactively reach out to you to gain an understanding of your goals, and help you achieve those goals.Our aim is to be there for you at all times, in times of trouble, as well as in times of business growth and expansion.

Feedback Loop: We have channels for customers to provide feedback on our service and products. We use this feedback to make continuous improvements.

Regular Check-ins: We schedule regular check-ins with our customers to discuss your progress, challenges, and future plans. This not only helps in preventing issues but also aids in identifying the need for new features, more services, downgrades of services, or other needs. We are partners in business with you.

Community Building: We try to build a community around our products, services, and experience where you can get tips, develop best practices, and learn from success as well as failure stories. Our mailing list is the first place to go to receive all of our updates via email. We also have social media, webinars, and various other events.

Training and Support: We offer a variety of training materials like webinars, scheduled hardware and portal training, tutorials, documentation, and FAQs to empower customers to use our products and services effectively.

We also proactively identify customers who may need a bit of extra support.

Empowerment Through Technology: We help you utilize software and tools to automate simple tasks, track your own customer and employee usage patterns, and help setup alerts to potential issues before they become problems.

Cross-Functional Collaboration: If there is a problem, it’s all hands on deck to get things working. We encourage collaboration between our customer success team, the providers and other departments’ customer success teams and more. If something becomes a trend, we adapt and modify our internal sales, marketing, product development, and support, to ensure a cohesive and most up to date customer experience.

Remember, our strategies are tailored to the specific needs and dynamics of each customer for the best results.

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