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Google is shutting down websites made in Google My Business (GMB), act now before its too late. According to Google, beginning March 2024, “the creation of websites with your Google My Business Profile is no longer supported.” This means that if you have one, it will be turned off March 2024.

As a courtesy, Google states that when someone visits your website, they will be automatically redirected to your Google Business Profile (GMB/Google My Business) and the redirect will work for a limited time (until June 10, 2024).

We will discuss options and strategies shortly, but first, let this be a hard lesson on the difference between “owning” your website, versus free website builders, 3rd party services (such as Shopify, Wix, Go Daddy, etc) and the like.

We Believe That You Should Own Your Website.

If you truly owned your website, you would simply not be affected by this issue. Yes, it costs more upfront, and there is more work to do, but you are not at the mercy of anyone.

Some might say that small businesses are still subject to potential issues with a web hosting company. Of course that’s true, but then you simply move your entire setup to a different hosting company. There are a few updates to do (IP addresses, etc), but your SEO, your pages, your content – all of your hard work remains intact.

Larger companies don’t use web hosting companies, while the majority of small businesses do. As far as this topic goes, the hosting method is not the issue.

Let’s Think About This Another Way.

The mentality of “owning” is recommended for real estate, your personal car, and most other investments and tools that you need for work.

When you simply rush to build your website with an easy and free website builder, you are essentially signing up to be a long term “renter”, and at times, just a “guest”. You generally do not “own” anything. Hence, why in the case of Google and their My Business Websites (GMB), they can legally do exactly what they are doing right now.

In the 21st century, any serious business must have a digital presence. Your website is the central hub for your business that you will expand as your business succeeds. Having a website built with a solid foundation is essential.

If you are in need of a website, assume success from the beginning. Take your time, develop a strategy, plan ahead, and truly understand the value of your website as a digital asset to your business.

When Your Google My Business (GMB) Website Is Turned Off

Beginning March 2024, visits to your website (domain) will be redirected (automatically forwarded) to your Google My Business (GMB) Profile.

Is this going to affect your SEO? You bet. I’m sorry, we just can not say it any other way.

If you can rebuild your website precisely, like a heart surgeon, and launch your new website prior to the cut-off, your SEO chances are better. When we say precisely, we are referring the hierarchy and structure, not necessarily just the pictures and words.

If you do nothing, Google will continue to redirect to your Google My Business (GMB) Profile until June 10, 2024.

HOWEVER, after June 10th, visitors to your previous website will see a “page not found” error message when attempting to visit your website. Your Google My Business (GMB) Profile will still work, however, the redirect will stop working.

Your Immediate Next Steps Before March 2024.

Plan your new website. Remember, everything will be gone in March. You will not have access to any of it.

Take screenshots, save complete pages to PDF, think of this as a sort of visual “backup”. This will save time with your new website designer and help speed up their processes.

Download every raw file that you can such as your logo and other brand imagery. Save the high resolution stuff in way that can easily be matched to your visual backup above.

Copy the content. Copy the descriptions, and other product/service information, and as much content as you can. Save these items in word documents or other tool to eliminate having to rewrite everything.

Here is the hard part. For example, in regards to your website, if you don’t know what “silo” means, you need help right now. Not because you can not learn it, but because this has to be precise. This is the part when you need skills like a heart surgeon. One typo from the silo data and all that SEO is lost.

If you do know how to do this, create a detailed excel spreadsheet, layout the silo, sitemap structures, relevant hierarchy, existing URL’s and other data needed to replicate this structure as close a possible.

If you need help, we are partnered with the best in the business. Just contact us, request a quote, or call us at 949-332-7100. Powering your digital transformation since 1998.

GenXtra Communications, we’re here to help.

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