GenXtra Small Business VoIP phone systems

We offer complete small business VoIP systems and phone solutions. VoIP is easy to use and offers a wide range of impressive applications and features, making it a valuable asset for any small business owner.

Advantages of VoIP for Small Businesses

Small business VoIP services offer a range of features tailored to improve communication and streamline operations.

Save Money

Budget-friendly VoIP services can greatly cut communication costs for small businesses. As a high level partner, we work only with select Carrier Grade VoIP providers, we have access to pricing that is not publicly available.

For a one person office, our plans start a just $25 per month. This includes free calling, unlimited video conferencing and more. We can implement a 5 person solution for under $96 per month (add $7 dollars to include fax to email and a webRTC receptionist console).

To get started, simply get a quote, or call us at 949-332-7100. We are based in Southern Orange County, California and offer services nationwide. Most customers qualify for no credit checks and no deposits up front.

GenXtra Communications, we’re here to help.

Improved Productivity

VoIP technology boosts productivity by facilitating effective virtual meetings and collaborative tasks.

Guaranteed Uptime

With a 99.99% uptime guarantee, “Carrier Grade” VoIP ensures your business communication is always reliable.

Professional Image

VoIP enables businesses to maintain a professional image through features such as business numbers, personalized greetings, auto-attendants, call routing, and more.


VoIP systems security measures have greatly increased. Carrier Grade VoIP services protect your business communications from cyber threats.

Advanced VoIP Solutions For Your Small Business

Access top-tier VoIP solutions tailored for your small business. Elevate your operations with cutting-edge technology, enhancing your communication setup to new heights.

Benefit from crystal-clear HD Voice calls, user-friendly Visual Voicemail, and the flexibility of a cloud PBX with auto attendant.

Streamline your business processes and equip your team with the essential tools for effective and seamless communication. Step into the future of business communication today!

Visual Voicemail

This functionality enables users to receive transcribed voicemail messages via email from any location with an internet connection, removing the necessity to call into a voicemail system.

Cloud PBX with Auto-Attendant

One of the standout features of this service is the Auto-Attendant . It offers the choice of using text-to-speech technology or uploading a pre-recorded message (ie. “Thank you for calling awesome company. Press 1 for sales, 2 for support” and more).

This adds a personal touch to your call handling by enabling you to manage and prioritize your calls effectively. Moreover, the auto-attendant feature empowers you to establish call routing and forwarding guidelines, ensuring that your business calls consistently reach the appropriate employee or department. Elevate your productivity and efficiency with this sophisticated capability.

FAQ About VoIP For Small Businesses

Determine The Required Users And Phone Lines

When implementing a VoIP UCaaS solution or business phone system, it’s crucial to factor in the number of users. This impacts pricing and plan options. Keep in mind that the user count may not align with the actual workforce size.

Not everyone in your business may require access to the phone system. For larger companies, we can also configure “call paths to users” to make it more cost effective.

Ensure You Have Reliable High-Speed Internet Connectivity.

This is especially vital when managing office staff as it facilitates smooth phone calls and video conferences over Wi-Fi. When on the go, a robust mobile data plan becomes essential to maintain internet access outside the office environment.

Determine Your Budget

Pricing structures for most UCaaS solutions are quite similar. Typically, the length of term reduces the monthly fee. If hardware is needed, you can choose to purchase it outright, or rent sophisticated hardware for a few more dollars per month.

Think of this as similar to mobile phone plans, but they also encompass various other business communication features.

A helpful tip regarding pricing: Pay close attention to the details. Does the package include customer support, or is that an additional cost? What about calling minutes?

Our Carrier Grade VoIP solutions include free 24/7/365 live person phone (not just chat or email only) support, unlimited free calling in the USA and to 40+ international countries.

While some providers may charge per minute, as well as limit usage, we feature Carrier Grade VoIP solutions that don’t try to nickle and dime you at every chance they get. We also included a complete business feature set as well.

Also, consider the cost of toll-free numbers. These are just a few factors to consider beyond the initial price point.

Determine Essential Functionality

Focus on identifying the specific features vital for your industry or small business. For basic needs like voice calling and IP phone support, a simpler, more cost-effective VoIP system may suffice.

However, for modern and expanding small businesses, additional communication channels and features may be needed. Facebook integration, Auto Dialers, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Skills Based Call Routing, Call Back, Call Queue’s and more might be necessary.

Consider any applications that need to be integrated into your communications platform. Most can be tailored for any businesses.

VoIP System Security Measures

In the modern digital era, safeguarding Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems is crucial. With the growing adoption of VoIP by businesses for communication, understanding the top security practices is essential to protect these systems effectively.

Regular System Updates

A Carrier Grade VoIP system is managed and updated for you at no additional cost. It is essential to promptly address any identified vulnerabilities by applying necessary patches in real time.

End-to-End Data Encryption

We recommend Carrier Grade VoIP that utilizes end-to-end data encryption. This helps to safeguard your connection from being hacked, data from being stolen and other similar issues.

Business Phone Numbers 

A professional business phone number is a valuable asset for establishing credibility and trust with your customers.

It also provides the convenience of having a dedicated number for business calls, allowing you to keep personal and work communication separate.

With Carrier Grade VoIP technology, businesses have access to actual numbers that you will own. Your numbers can be easily set up and managed, providing flexibility in choosing area codes and toll-free options.

Once you get your business number, go ahead and work on your marketing materials, these numbers are yours to keep regardless of if you change VoIP providers later.

Mobile and Desktop Apps for Remote Work

In the ever-changing workplace environment, businesses are increasingly adopting a remote work setup, and people are on the go non-stop.

VoIP technology allows employees to stay connected and accessible through mobile and desktop apps.

These apps provide access to all the essential communication features, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficient workflow, regardless of location.

With VoIP solutions tailored for small businesses, you can empower your team to work remotely or on the go.

Turn your mobile phone and other devices into powerful business tools.

Virtual Receptionist

Enhance the professional image of your business with a virtual receptionist powered by your auto attendant. This advanced feature greets and transfers callers which provides a personalized and professional touch to your call handling process.

With customizable scripts and options for multiple languages, you can ensure that all incoming calls are attended to promptly and efficiently.

Additionally, you can add a “Receptionist Console” (no hardware required) for a live receptionist to manage your calls.

Stay ahead of the game with innovative features offered by Carrier Grade VoIP providers like we recommend.

Why Customer’s Choose VoIP?

Our business VoIP services are designed with precision to deliver cost savings without sacrificing the quality and features you seek. “Carrier Grade” also means satisfaction guarantees and more.

Benefit from our budget-friendly business plans allowing you to keep your current number or get a new one effortlessly.

Transitioning your business line to a cutting-edge VoIP platform is now seamless, removing worries about switching providers or losing valuable customers due to poor call quality.

The evolution of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) presents an unprecedented opportunity for small businesses poised at the brink of technological innovation. By opting for a VoIP solution, you’re not just choosing a communication system; you’re investing in the future of your business. Get a quote.

The seamless integration of high-speed internet connectivity, robust security measures, and versatile communication tools empowers small businesses to compete on a global scale. With real solutions like we recommend, you have the power to redefine your business landscape.

Step into the future with confidence, knowing that your communications infrastructure is secure, reliable, and, most importantly, scalable to your growing business needs.

The time to transform your business communication is now. Choose wisely, choose Carrier Grade VoIP.

To get started, simply get a quote, or call us at 949-332-7100. We are based in Southern Orange County, California and offer services nationwide. Most customers qualify for no credit checks and no deposits up front.

GenXtra Communications, we’re here to help.

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